You’re thinking of taking a trip in one of the RV rentals at Indiana RV Rental and Sales. Perhaps this is your first trip and you aren’t familiar with our policies. We’re here to answer questions and send you on your trip in confidence, comfort, and convenience. Browse through our site to learn everything you need to know. Once you’re ready to go, we’ll set you up in a beautiful RV rental. Just call (260) 571-2436 today for a quote.

Make Sure You Know What to Bring

Indiana RV can help you set up your RV with a number of extras and kits to get you started, but you’re still going to want to pack certain items for your trip. And if this is your first time renting an RV, you might be wondering what to bring. We’ve got you covered. Check out this list of essential items to pack for your RV vacation.

Nearby Destinations and Attractions

RV Tailgating Indiana

Pack for Fun and Excitement

You know what to bring and you know where you’re going. But maybe you have a few other questions about RVs and the various services Indiana RV offers, such as free waste-water disposal and free delivery within 30 miles of our location. Read our FAQs for more information, and learn even more about our services which include RV sales. We serve all of northern Indiana, including Warsaw, Kokomo, Fort Wayne, and beyond. Once you’re ready to pick out an RV and start your adventure, call (260) 571-2436 for a quote.