It’s no secret that Indiana weather can be unpredictable and sometimes harsh, especially in the wintertime. Temperatures can go up and down twenty degrees in one week, and ice and snow are common companions through the winter months. All of this unpredictable weather leads to unpredictable and often poor road conditions. If you are taking an RV road trip in a rented RV, you may not be comfortable driving such a large vehicle in less than ideal conditions. At Indiana RV Rental and Sales, safety is our number one priority, so we recommend taking the following precautions if you find yourself driving through bad weather this winter.

Winter Driving Tips

Take It Slow

If you’re native to Indiana, you already know what its like to drive a passenger vehicle through bad weather. When driving an RV, you need to factor in the additional weight, height, width, and length; it isn’t hard to see why extra caution is necessary. In addition to slowing down, it’s also important to provide more space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Keep Your Lights On

It is always best practice to turn on your exterior lights during a rain storm or snowstorm. This will help you see through inclement weather, and will help other drivers better see you.

Stay Out of the Wind

Even though you might have a road trip schedule to keep, if the winds start to pick up speed and strength, it’s best to find the nearest exit and get off the road for a while. The large size of your RV will make it like a boat’s sail in the wind, and therefore it could become very difficult to control. Powerful wind gusts could even blow your RV completely over, endangering you and your passengers.

Use Rear Wheel Drive

Most motorhomes come standard with rear wheel drive, so it will handle differently than the passenger vehicles you are accustomed to. Be aware of the difference and use it to your advantage when driving in poor conditions.

As you plan your winter road trip this year, be sure to take extra precautions to ensure you have a safe trip. Whether you’re looking for a motorhome or a travel trailer, Indiana RV Rental and Sales will help you find what best fits your needs. Contact us today at (260) 571-2436 or request a quote online.