If you’re new to the RVing scene, you might not be familiar with the campground alternative known as “boondocking”. Simply put, boondocking is when you camp out in the open instead of paying to camp at a campsite. You use only what you’ve packed and things you can find in nature, and you don’t have access to any utility hookups. Fortunately, motorhomes come equipped with everything you need, so you aren’t “roughing it” but rather just living conservatively. Does boondocking sound like something you’d like to try? Our team at Indiana RV Rental and Sales has put together a list of do’s and don’ts to help you get started.


Use Existing Camping Spots

If you ask around at any National Park or Forest office, they’ll all tell you the same thing: “We want to enjoy nature but have as little impact on it as possible.” The best way to do that is by staying on designated roads and finding a parking area that’s been used before. Usually, previously used spots are pretty obvious to pick out. They’ll typically have a cleared out area to park and sometimes a fire pit or other structure to identify it.

No Footprints

Think of RVing as you’d think of backpacking. You’re a visitor on the land, so whatever you bring in, you should pack back out again. Because this isn’t a campsite situation, you won’t find trash cans or dump sites. Therefore, it’s important to bring your own trash bags and plan to leave when the tanks are full. Some even find it’s helpful to bring a rake to smooth out the land after you’ve left so you don’t rough up too much dirt.

Educate Yourself on Stay Limits

Even though the land you’ll be staying on is public, most of the time it still will have rules regarding how long you can dwell there. Typically, stay limits are around 14 days, with some being more regulated than others. Be respectful of the rules set in your area to help keep the resources open and available for everyone to use.

Try It Out

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