Trying to find the right RV rental for your upcoming trip? Between the various models of motorhomes and travel trailer rentals, choosing the type of RV to suit your group can be overwhelming at first. Luckily, Indiana RV Rental and Sales is here to help! Read our best tips on how to choose between a motorhome and travel trailer for your next Indiana vacation.

Rent a Motorhome or Travel Trailer in Indiana

What type of vehicle do you normally drive?

The first major difference is how you drive each model. Our motorhome rentals are ready to go on the road without the requirement of an additional vehicle. This option may be perfect for those who are traveling with family or friends who only have sedans as their personal vehicle. Our pull-behind-campers, however, require either a truck or large SUV that has the towing capacity for the trailer’s weight.

How many people are coming along?

The next step in choosing an RV rental is determining how many passengers you’ll have for your trip. Our motorhomes and travel trailers offer similar luxury features of comfortable sleeping arrangements in addition to kitchen appliances and bathroom essentials, so there’s not too much of a difference in configurations of the interior space.

Sleeping capacity is really the main difference you’ll notice between the models. Our travel trailer rentals have varied sleeping accommodations for as few as 4 people or as many as 10. With a sweet spot in between the various sizes of pull-behind campers, our motorhome rentals can sleep up to 6 or 7 people depending on the model. Need pictures to help visualize the interior? We have layouts of each model so you can review which one would best fit your group.

How much time will you be spending in the RV rental?

How you plan on using the RV is another determining factor in selecting a type. If you plan on spending the entire trip at one camping location and not making many stops outside of your destination, then motorhome rentals are an ideal choice.

A great selling point of our travel trailers is versatility. For example, you can easily detach your trailer and keep it parked at your campsite. Then you have the freedom to explore nearby destinations in your own vehicle that might be harder to access in a motorhome.

Are you ready to rent a travel trailer or motorhome in Indiana? Request a quote for your trip, or give our staff at Indiana RV And Sales a call at (260) 571-2436 today.