Everything You Need to Know Before You Rent

If your summer camping getaway is just around the corner, now is the time to get prepared. If you’re a first time renter, there may be many things that you haven’t yet thought of, but that you’ll need to be ready for when it’s time to depart. Before you book your camper rental with Indiana RV, allow us to help unpack some of the details about renting an RV so you can know what to expect.

4 Creative Ways to Get the Most out of Your RV Year-Round

With winter quickly approaching, you may think there’s no use in renting an RV or motorhome. If you own a camper, you may have already winterized and stored it for the cold season ahead. Did you know that there are other reasons, besides summer camping, to purchase your own used RV? Indiana RV Rental and Sales has used RVs for sale any time of year. Below are 4 reasons that this may be the right time to buy your own travel trailer or motorhome.

5 Reasons to Rent an RV for Your Vacation

Planning an extended vacation or just a getaway for the weekend? Traveling in an RV is the preferred choice for many explorers and adventure seekers, but even the casual vacationer can experience all the benefits of an RV. Here at Indiana RV Rental and Sales, we’ve compiled a short list of why renting an RV could be the best option for your next trip.

Should I Rent a Motorhome or Travel Trailer?

Trying to find the right RV rental for your upcoming trip? Between the various models of motorhomes and travel trailer rentals, choosing the type of RV to suit your group can be overwhelming at first. Luckily, Indiana RV Rental and Sales is here to help! Read our best tips on how to choose between a motorhome and travel trailer for your next Indiana vacation.