Planning an extended vacation or just a getaway for the weekend? Traveling in an RV is the preferred choice for many explorers and adventure seekers, but even the casual vacationer can experience all the benefits of an RV. Here at Indiana RV Rental and Sales, we’ve compiled a short list of why renting an RV could be the best option for your next trip.

Rent an RV for Vacation

1. Skip the Hotels

Whether you are visiting family out of state for an extended period or exploring new parts of the country, it’s nice to have your own personal dwelling area. No need for expensive hotel stays or aching backs from sleeping on air mattresses in your aunt’s basement. Renting an RV allows you to stay on site and enjoy the luxury of your own space.

2. Cost Savings

The savings from renting a motorhome or travel trailer can significantly outweigh conventional travel plans. RV’s offer the ability to cook your own meals and stay where you like without the need for a hotel. Besides saving money on sleeping and dining, you also save the hundreds or thousands of miles you would be putting on your personal vehicle!

3. Family Time

No more cramped cars! Traveling in an RV is a perfect opportunity for families to be together and create lasting memories in a fun and spacious atmosphere. Half the fun of traveling is the journey itself. Take advantage of being able to explore new scenery, stop where you want, and travel iconic highways. And there’s no need to take frequent bathroom breaks!

4. Glamping

Glamping or “glamorous camping” is for those that love to explore but prefer the comfort and amenities of the indoors. Renting a camper can take you right up to the edge of your favorite forest or beach without the potential worries of having to sleep outside. Bring what you want, and create your own space for fun and relaxation.

5. Soak up the Experience

Enjoying the benefits of having your own space is a game-changer while on vacation. For many venues, you can stay on-site and absorb the full experience without the pressure of leaving early, limiting social beverages, or trying to find a cab back to your hotel. This can be the perfect idea for tailgating or resorts!

Make your next vacation one to remember forever, and rent an RV! Request a quote, or call Indiana RV Rental and Sales at (260) 571-2436 today. We serve all of northern Indiana, including Warsaw, KokomoFort Wayne, and beyond.